The remaining five Republican presidential candidates will be debating in Houston, Texas, on Thursday. Starting at 8:30 PM ET, the live feed is available here.

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10:51 - TRUMP: THE NON-POLITICIAN OUTSIDER - Feeding off of disdain for the political class, Trump says politicians are "all talk and no action," reiterating his campaign slogan by promising to "Make America Great Again."

10:50 - CRUZ: THE CONSISTENT CONSERVATIVE - Cruz closes by positioning himself as consistently conservative, taking on corrupt interests in both parties. After listing his competitors as "dealmakers," he lists off a short lists of conservative grievances that he promises to take on as president: Obama's illegal executive orders, illegal activities of Planned Parenthood, preserving religious liberties, Obama's surrender to Iran and facilitation of the Islamic regime's acquisition of nuclear weapons, moving America's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, securing the southern border, repealing Obamacare, and bringing back jobs lost to other countries.

10:49 - RUBIO SAYS HE'LL BEAT CLINTON - Highlighting the winnowing field of Republican presidential candidates, Rubio says that he is standard-bearer of conservatism that will not only unify the fractured groups composing the base of the GOP's voters, but the man to beat Clinton in November.

10:48 - CARSON HOLDS UP HIS GIFTED HANDS - In his closing statement, Carson cheesily asks the Americans to join his gifted surgical hands, which have saved thousands of lives. Appealing to a sense of integrity, he asks Americans which man on stage they'd most like their children to emulate - presumably thinking they'd point to him.

10:43 - BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION FOR PUERTO RICO - The Telemundo-woman asks Rubio about extending federal bankruptcy protection to Puerto Rico. Rather than shaming the Telemundo-woman for wasting precious time at a Republican presidential debate with such a triviality to push a niche ethnic agenda, Rubio explains how such a policy would not reduce incentives for Puerto Rico's territorial government to behave more responsibly with fiscal matters.

10:41 - DON'T WE NEED A WALL ON THE CANADA/U.S. BORDER? - Attempting to portray Trump as inconsistent in the dimension of national security by not calling for a wall along both the northern and southern voters, the Telemundo-woman cites promises by ISIS to infiltrate the homeland via Canada. Trump responds by saying that the southern border is more problematic than the northern border due to drug smuggling and illegal imigration.

Trump should've called called her out as a pro-amnesty advocate.

10:40 PM

Cruz says Trump is a Washington DC dealmaker. Cruz says Carter would support Trump because Trump is malleable. Cruz says anytime anybody points to Trump's record, he lies about it. Trump says the people applauding are lobbyists. Then he falls back on the Carson attack from Iowa.

Cruz says Trump knows politicians better than he does, because he's been funding them. Trump calls Cruz a basket case.

Robert Kraychik is taking over now; I'm headed over to Fox. Thanks, all!

10:37 PM

Cruz blasts Trump for giving money to Kerry and Hillary. Trump says he hated Bush but gave him money earlier. Rubio defends the Libya war after Trump blasts it. Rubio says we must rebuild the military and says we can't walk away from our Asian-Pacific defense status. Trump says he wants more money; Trump says he'll negotiate. He then says Kerry's a bad negotiator, citing the Iran deal. Cruz smacks Trump for being in favor of Libya on tape. Cruz says Kerry's been a disaster for decades, but Trump signed him a check. Cruz explains how he's fought for Israel -- so where was Trump? Why has he supported every anti-Israel politician? "If you care about Israel, you don't write checks to politicians who are undermining Israel," says Cruz.

Trump says he's done more for Israel than anybody. Cruz asks for one specific thinks. Trump calls Rubio a choke artist and Rubio a liar. Then Blitzer goes to Kasich. What the living hell?!?!?!

Cruz, Trump, and Rubio talk over each other. Blitzer handles it ridiculously poorly.

Rubio says Apple should open the terrorist cellphone; Cruz says they should, too.

10:21 PM

If this debate has any impact, it has to be awful for Trump. He's getting smacked around so badly it makes you wonder where he'd be if anyone had done it six months ago. Or if Jeb! had dropped after NH and left a clear field for Rubio and Cruz to slam Trump.

Blitzer asks Trump about "neutrality" on Israel and the Palestinians. Trump says Obama has treated Israel horribly. Trump says it serves no purpose to say that you have a good guy and a bad guy.

Cruz says Trump agrees with Hillary that they want to be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians. Cruz says America will stand unapologetically with Israel. He says neutrality is based on the left buying into moral relativism. Cruz says it's not equivalent. He says Palestinian terrorists are not equivalent to IDF officers.

Rubio says Trump is taking an anti-Israel position. He says there's no honest broker when one side acts in bad faith. Rubio says Hamas launches rockets, teaches children to kill Jews. He says a deal is not possible. The next president needs to be someone who stands with Israel. Rubio says he'll be on Israel's side every single day.

Trump says Marco melted down vs. Christie; a deal is a deal. Rubio says a deal is not a deal when negotiating with terrorists; this isn't a real estate deal. Trump says he may be able to bring peace. He says it's probably the toughest deal.

I look forward to hearing how Trump would make a deal with Hitler. The Palestinians agree with him.


Carson whines. Oh happy day.

10:00 PM

Trump is asked about his tax returns. He says he built a great company with very little debt. Trump says Romney waited too long to file his return. He says he'll file his return, but for many years, he's been audited every year. He says he'll give his returns but he's being audited for two or three years and can't do it until he's finished.

Trump rips Hewitt's ratings after Hewitt mentions that Trump promised he'd hand over his returns. Hewitt asks Rubio about turning over his tax returns. Rubio swivels to entitlements and debt; he says the next president can't serve without dealing with the national debt. That's an attack on Trump. Hewitt asks Cruz about his 2012-2013 tax returns. Cruz says Trump is being audited -- shouldn't he release his returns more? Cruz says 65% of Republicans say Trump can't handle Hillary. Cruz says media's leaving Trump alone now, but won't forever. He mentions Hillary's corruption at the Clinton Foundation -- he says Trump can't do it because Trump gave $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. He says Trump can't prosecute Hillary.

9:50 PM

Cruz says Planned Parenthood should be prosecuted. Cruz says Trump and he both want to end it; he says Obamacare goes too far. Trump says it doesn't go far enough. Cruz says Trump backs socialized healthcare. Trump says he doesn't want socialized medicine. He says Obamacare will be a disaster for the economy.

Trump says he won't let people die on the sidewalks and the streets. Cruz asks for specifics. Blitzer intervenes.

Blitzer asks Trump about cutting $10 trillion over ten years and not adding debt. Trump says we have high taxes and we will have a dynamic economy again. Blitzer asks for specific cuts. Trump says he'd cut Common Core. He says he'd cut at the EPA level. Blitzer says it's not enough. Trump says "waste, fraud, and abuse." Um, no.


9:40 PM

Rubio talks about his healthcare plan; he says Trump supports an individual mandate.

Trump says he would get rid of Obamacare but he would force insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions. That's not insurance. That's Obamacare. He then talks about getting rid of lines around the state.

Rubio says Trump may not be aware because he doesn't follow this stuff, but Obamacare includes a bailout law. He says we wiped out the bailout fund. He says the insurance companies hate him. Rubio says Trump has no plan on healthcare. Trump says he watched him melt down with Chris Christie -- he doesn't know about the lines. Rubio asks Trump for his plan. Trump bloviates.

Rubio says, "Now he's repeating himself." Big cheer. Good line.

Trump says, "I don't repeat myself...I watched him repeat himself five times three weeks ago." Rubio says, "I watched him repeat himself five times five seconds ago." Rubio's feeling it. He says Trump should give his plan. Trump says the same line AGAIN. Trump says he has nothing to add.


9:25 PM

Trump says Hispanics are incredible people, and that he believes nothing from Telemundo. Trump says he's building a new Republican Party, with a lot of new people coming in.

Hewitt asks Cruz about Scalia's death; Cruz says the Court is hanging in the balance, one leftist justice away from a radical majority that would undermine our rights.

Hewitt asks Trump about religious liberty. He says he wants Trump to make religious liberty a litmus test. Trump says yes, then wheels on Cruz and smacks him for backing Roberts. Cruz says he would have nominated Mike Luttig. Cruz says it's interesting Trump says he would defend religious liberty. He knocks Trump for giving cash to leftists. He says Trump doesn't care about principled constitutionalists on the court, and Trump will cut a deal.

Trump says he watched Cruz talk and talk and talk. He says he watched the other Senators laughing and smiling, and when he was done, they came back. Trump says his sister is a brilliant judge. Trump says his sister signed the same decision as Justice Alito. Cruz says he won't apologize for defending the Constitution; he says Trump's willingness to cut a deal is a disaster.

Rubio says he doubts Trump because Trump has never been conservative. He's a new convert. Trump says he's like Reagan and evolved. Perfect opening for someone to slam him; nobody jumps in to do it. Trump defends Planned Parenthood again. This is insane.

Kasich says he won't protect the religious liberty of individuals. Because he's a jackass.

Carson says he'd look at someone's experiences -- the fruit salad of their life.

9:15 PM

Blitzer asks Trump how the Mexican government will build the wall. He quotes the leaders saying they won't pay for the wall. Trump says the wall just got ten feet taller. Trump says this guy used a filthy disgusting word on television. What? Trump has said the f-word too. Then he talks about the trade deficit with Mexico; he says they'll pay. He still doesn't say how.

Trump says he doesn't mind trade wars with Mexico and China. Awesome. Great idea for the economy.

Rubio says if Trump builds the wall the way he built Trump Tower, he'll use illegal labor. Trump says it's a cute sound byte.

Rubio says he'll start a trade war with his own ties and suits. Rubio smacks Trump over Trump University. Trump says he won most of the lawsuit. Rubio's under his skin now. Rubio says if Trump hadn't inherited $200 million, he'd be selling watches. Trump says he turned $1 million into $10 billion.

Good for Marco Rubio.

Rubio says he'll eliminate Obama's executive order on illegal immigrants. He says the problem with the executive order is that it is unconstitutional.

Rubio calls Trump a liar, says he lied about Trump University, about illegal labor. Trump says it was a long time ago. Rubio says there's no statute on limitation on lies. Good for Marco Rubio.

Cruz attacks Rubio over his comments on DACA. He says Rubio went soft on ethanol subsidies. No, Cruz, you're digging in the wrong place! Rubio responds. Boring.

Trump is winning. He is the target. Come on, guys.

Cruz says many in the media think all Hispanics are liberal, but he won 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas. Every moment wasted not attacking Donald Trump is a moment wasted.

Rubio says the Republicans are the party of diversity. He says Hispanics care about more than immigration. He says the most powerful sentiment is the burning desire to leave your children better off than yourself.


Carson says "liberty and justice" again. Oh happy day.

9:00 PM

So, we're at the final Republican debate that matters. Here's what needs to happen. Cruz needs to clock Trump. Rubio needs to clock Trump. Neither will. Ben Carson is here for no reason. And WHY OH WHY GOD JOHN KASICH

Carson opens by pre-emptivley complaining about the fireworks. Go away.

Kasich drags out his dad's mailman resume, says that kids should shoot for the stars.

Rubio talks about Reagan and George H.W. Bush and defines conservatism, and says he'll appeal to hopes and dreams.

Cruz welcomes everybody to Texas. He says Texas provided his family with hope. He tells his family story. Eh.

Trump says we never win. He says we don't win on foreign policy, he says he'll repeal Obamacare, change trade, swiss cheese borders, etc. He says win. A lot. Yay.

Blitzer asks Trump about his immigration policy; he's asked about amnesty, as far as readmitting illegals. Trump says you wouldn't be talking illegal immigration without him in the race. He launches back into his stump speech. He rips Cruz as a leader on amnesty (false).

Cruz says that ending illegal immigration ends costs to taxpayers, including legal immigrants and Americans. He says we need to fight for Americans; he says it's a mistake to forgive those who break the law and allow them to become US citizens.

Trump fires back and says he's glad he mentioned Arizona. He then says Joe Arpaio endorsed him. Um, so what?

Rubio says we're going to enforce the border. It's all lukewarm rhetoric about various enforcement mechanisms. Rubio smacks Trump -- he says that Trump is new to actual border enforcement. Wow, Rubio's going to bring the knife to the party? Good for him! He even mentions Trump hiring illegal immigrants.

Trump says nobody wanted the jobs except for illegal immigrants; these were seasonal jobs, part-time jobs. Which, of course, is the case for the open borders lobby.

Rubio smacks Trump again over using illegal immigrants. Trump smacks Romney and says he was a terrible candidate. Rubio smacks Trump again for saying he was fined for hiring illegal immigrants. Trump says he's hired people. Trump tries to talk over Rubio. Rubio again smacks Trump for being fined for hiring Polish workers. Trump reiterates he hired tens of thousands of people from other countries. Trump says, "Let me talk." Rubio lets him talk. Mistake. Trump talks more; Rubio says, "All right."

Cruz smacks both Trump and Rubio. He says Trump funded the Gang of Eight; he says Rubio was a member. And he says Trump was firing Dennis Rodman while Cruz was fighting amnesty. That's right. But all of this is policy, not character and personality. Cruz backs Rubio on the judgment against Trump.

Trump blames the donors and lobbyists in the audience, as always. He says he was friendly with everybody for business reasons. He says Cruz gets along with nobody. Trump says Cruz has no Republican senators backing him, "You should be ashamed of yourself." Cruz says Trump is right -- he'll cut deals in Washington. Anyone who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't hire illegal immigrants, funding Reid, Pelosi, Gang of Eight, says Cruz. Cruz says you shouldn't want to be liked in DC as president.

Again, this is policy, not character.

Trump says that Cruz didn't disclose loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank.

Blitzer goes to Kasich for no reason because that guy is terrible. Kasich's face opens and he says stuff.

Carson also says stuff about fairness and justice and zzzzzzzzz

8:33 PM

This is Ben Shapiro taking over until about 10:40, at which point I'll turn this back over to Robert so I can head off to post-election coverage with Megyn Kelly. I'm alive; we made it out. So that means my work night continues :)

Here we go.

8:12 - STRANGE COMMENTS FROM RNC CHAIRMAN - Reince Priebus says the RNC is ready to do right by "no matter who the nominee is", seemingly implying that there is a problem with one or more candidates. More stellar messaging from Priebus.

8:07 - FAILING UPWARDS IN THE MEDIA - David Chalian, who was fired from Yahoo News after deriding Republicans as anti-black racists on a hot mic, is now CNN's politics director. Expect objective and honest analysis from him as per CNN's high journalistic standards

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