Unhinged MSNBC Panelist: With Kavanaugh’s Confirmation, Republicans Have Set Themselves Up For 'A Thousand-Year Reich'

On MSNBC, the editor of Above the Law, Elie Mystal, went bonkers when he was asked about the impact of Justice Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court, bloviating that President Trump was the “devil” for encouraging racism and that conservatives’ control over the three branches of government could lead to a “thousand-year Reich.”

Prior to Mystal’s unhinged remarks, the conversation, led by host Richard Liu and joined by Associate Editor of Commentary Noah Rothman, MSNBC analyst Zerlina Maxwell, and SiriusXM host Danielle Moodie-Mills, had discussed the idea that the GOP is “anti-woman,” segued to Nazism, and risen to fever pitch with the accusation against the conservative Rothman that he was “mansplaining.”

But the zenith of idiocy was reached with Mystal, who stated, “The thing about making a deal with the devil is that the devil backs up his bargain. The devil does not welch.”

As Caleb Howe noted ironically at Mediaite, Mystal got that completely wrong. Howe noted, “The point of ‘making a deal with the devil’ parables is that the devil does betray you.”

Mystal continued, “Trump has delivered for these people on the things that they care about most; he has delivered racism for these people. He has delivered misogyny for these people, and now he’s delivered the Supreme Court for these people, which is something they’ve been trying to get for a generation.”

Mystal said feverishly, “So then the question now becomes, not so much like, ‘Oh, will this stick for the Republicans?’ I think it will stick for the Republicans; this is what they want. The question is, what are the Democrats going to do? Democratic turnout doesn’t need to be high for a midterm; it needs to be high for a presidential election. And that’s what we’re about to see. We’re going to see if this reign that they now have control over all three branches of government, we’re going to see if this reign lasts for thirty days, or two years, or a thousand-year Reich. Because that is how, that is what these people have set themselves up for. And it’s simply a question of whether or not the Democrats are going to join the battle and meet them at the polls.”

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