Rep. Nancy Pelosi Says She'll File A FOIA Request For the FBI's Kavanaugh Report.

It begins.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced over the weekend that she's planning to file a Freedom of Information Act request so that she and other House Democrats can get a good look at an FBI report compiled on now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The Washington Times reports that Pelosi believes Republicans "purposefully limited" the FBI's investigation — even though both Senate Republicans and the White House flatly deny placing any limitations on the FBI — and wants the report, which found no evidence that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford some 36 years ago, made public.

“In purposefully limiting the FBI investigation, it is clear the Republicans were not seeking the truth,” Pelosi said in a statement Saturday. “They were seeking cover to do what they wanted to do anyway. To add insult to injury they, blocked the public’s access to the report.”

“The conduct of the Senate Republican Majority did violence to the reputation of both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Supreme Court,” she continued, “We must proceed in a judicious manner to set the record straight and ensure that this never happens again.”

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have gone silent on the possibility of making the FBI's report public, perhaps because a supplemental report, delivered to the Senate and White House alongside the Kavanaugh report, appeared to reveal communications and collaboration between Kavanaugh's accusers and their attorneys, and showed that one prominent witness, Leland Keyser (Dr. Ford's "lifelong friend"), was pressured to change her testimony.

But Pelosi and her colleagues in the House may not take their Senate counterparts' advice. The ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee promised last week that Democrats would launch a full-scale investigation into Brett Kavanaugh if and when they take control of the House in November.


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