WATCH: Fleccas Asks USC Students Why They're Protesting Ben Shapiro. They're Clueless.

"Cops and Klan go hand in hand!"

Street reporter Austen Fletcher, AKA Fleccas, took to the University of Southern California (USC) campus on Friday evening ahead of Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro's lecture at Bovard Auditorium.

Fleccas — who at one point was surrounded by a mob of protesters yelling "racist go home!" at him — interacted with numerous anti-Shapiro demonstrators, some of whom were not even USC students. They all denounced Shapiro for his "hate speech" and "bigotry," but when pressed to name specific instances of such "bigotry," they came up empty, exposing their ignorance and follower mentality.

"I know that I disagree with his views," said one female protester, adding, "some of the things that he says more border on 'hate speech' to me than free speech." When asked what she specifically disagreed with, she replied, "I don't know a lot of specific things about his views, but what I heard from him in general seems hateful to me."

Translation: she's never really listened to him.

Another female protester followed the ignorance trend, denouncing Shapiro for his "degrading comments regarding women" but admitting that she can't name any examples and this information has merely been "relayed" to her:

"[Shapiro] has said degrading comments regarding women, minority groups, LGBTQ communities," she said.

"What did he say about women?" asked Fleccas.

"Uh, just some disrespectful things; those ones haven't been as publicized," she vaguely answered.

"On his show, or—?" Fleccas pressed.

"Uh, I believe they were in an article he published," she stammered.

"What did he say?" asked Fleccas.

"Uh, I honestly couldn't tell you," the protester admitted. "This is just what's been relayed to me."

Yeah, ya don't say.

Later in the video, Fleccas asked protesters about their "cops and Klan go hand in hand" chant, especially since many of the cops protecting them at the time were people of color. They refused to answer.

There were some bright spots, though: articulate students who rightly argued that so-called "hate speech" is actually protected speech and one man, a former Bernie Sanders supporter, who credited Shapiro with turning around his political ideology.

"[Shapiro's] a big reason why I converted to conservatism. I was a Bernie supporter in 2016," he explained. "After the first video, I watched like all of them in a two-week period and I did a whole 180-flop on the political spectrum."



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