Actor and Hollywood conservative Adam Baldwin says he's quit the social media platform Twitter and that he's "not coming back."

The veteran TV and film star says he's had enough with Twitter's long history of censoring conservatives, which all came to a head when they recently banned blogger Robert Stacy McCain without warning for his critiques of feminism. This has led to the hashtag #FreeStacy in support of the writer.

Baldwin who currently stars in the hit TNT show, Last Ship told the Independent Journal, "It’s really a shame that so-called ‘liberal thinkers’ and the so-called ‘tolerant crowd’ is intolerant of varying viewpoints. They’re so afraid to hear people disagree with them. Instead of ignoring it or providing their own arguments in return, they say ‘shut up!"

Before exiting the Twitterverse the actor wanted to set the record straight with a series of tweets that read:

My reasons for leaving Twitter should be apparent. But it seems some media - e.g., Reuters - feel compelled to provide a false narrative. So, as is too often the case when someone is subject to a drive-by media narrative, I am forced to set the record straight. I did not "say" I was ditching Twitter to protest "alleged censorship." I am actually ditching Twitter in protest of actual censorship. This isn't a "claim." I have always been more than happy to deal with opinions opposed to mine. I wish the same could be said of Twitter's Orwellian "Trust & Safety" star chambe. As for "alleged censorship" there is nothing "alleged" about it. No, it isn't government censorship, but it is real. Just ask @rsmccain. It might be excusable if not for Twitter's dishonest posturing as a platform for free expression. That might have been true at one point, but does anybody remember? For rank dishonesty, Twitter is only matched by the media organs that are reporting my "reaction." And I'm saying this as someone who lives in Hollywood, for God's sake… #SWIDT? In short, I will no longer voluntarily participate in a social media platform that fancies itself some sort of global online Oberlin campus.

His final tweet linked to a video explaining the decline of Twitter...

The Robert Stacy McCain controversy that sent Baldwin over the edge was covered by The Federalist in "#FreeStacy: The Old Regime and the Twitter Revolution."

When asked what social media platform he will be going to, Baldwin replied, “I like Instagram, but I don’t really know yet.”

Baldwin's stance on who he's voting for for president sums up why he is a rare gem in Hollywood, "I’ll support anyone but the two socialists running.”

Exit thought about his acting prowess...