SICK: Leftists, Media Mock Kavanaugh For Showing Emotion During Opening Statement

Judge Brett Kavanaugh began his testimony with an emotional statement in his own defense, angrily proclaiming his innocence and tearing into legislators and media who have turned his Supreme Court confirmation process into a kangaroo court.

But leftists and mainstream media icons did not approve of Kavanaugh expressing emotion in response to weeks of sensationalized coverage and multiple, unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault. As Kavanaugh mounted an emotional defense, they took to social media to mock him, and suggest his lack of decorum made him unfit for the Supreme Court, regardless of his high school behavior.

Somehow, it eluded them that when one is the victim of a national, weeks-long smear campaign, one might get a tad emotional when taking on his or her bullies, face to face.


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