'Disjointed,' 'Lazy,' 'Abhorrently Self-Promoting': Critics Savage Michael Moore’s New Movie ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’

First, let's note that Michael Moore's new movie, "Fahrenheit 11/9," got an 81% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which makes it "certified fresh!" In fact, 53 critics deemed it "fresh" while just 13 ruled it "rotten."

It's not the Oscar-winning documentarian's first anti-Trump movie, but Moore's back to try again — for him, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

You can read all the glowing reviews from liberal papers and websites on the RT website, but we'll hit the the 13 "rotten" reviews, which have some wonderful stuff in them — a few had us chortling out loud. So, without further ado:

David Sims, The Atlantic

"A disjointed, occasionally powerful, often grating grab bag of recent political events, a mess that's forgivable only because it does reflect the messy state of the world."

"Moore’s disdain for President Trump is mostly contained to lazy shots about his (undeniably creepy) affection for his daughter Ivanka; he’s perhaps assuming that his audience will not need much convincing on Trump’s leadership deficiencies."

Jake Cole, Slant Magazine

"Fahrenheit 11/9 represents a sincerely bold attempt to capture the overwhelming civic decay that led to our current political crisis, but Michel Moore's circus-showman duplicity is as crass and abhorrently self-promoting as that of Donald Trump."

Josh Bell, The Inlander

"Anybody following Moore online over the last couple of years could probably have compiled most of this movie themselves. ... [Moore] loses that thread far too easily here, just throwing together news clips and interviews in an undiluted stream of fury that too frequently resembles a social media echo chamber."

Christian Toto, HollywoodInToto.com

"Even by the lowest of low Moore standards 'Fahrenheit 11/9' is an abomination. When the film settles down and peddles generic socialist propaganda you can’t trust what he’s saying. It’s like hearing a deranged man’s rant and noticing a few syllables seem coherent. ... It’s hard to imagine any clear-eyed liberal seeing 'Fahrenheit 11/9' as anything other than a garbage dump of lies, misdirection and cartoonishly dumb arguments against both Trump and the American experiment."

Kyle Smith, National Review

"It’s the same old Moore we’ve seen for 30 years, except these days hardly anyone cares: Moore is a bit late to the Trump-is-Hitler party. Today he’s just another indistinguishable voice in a crowd of the very shouty, and his admixture of breathless hyperbole, vague calls for revolution, and corny humor has no zing. Every late-night comic is woke these days, and their writers are a lot more talented than Moore."

"Moore's style isn't inflammatory, it's just tedious. To the extent the film is an attempt to make conservatives angry, all I can say is, nice try, Michael. You should have called your movie Fahrenheit: Room Temperature."

Rafer Guzman, Newsday

"A short review of Moore's film could consist of three words: We knew that. ... If Moore really wanted to explain how Trump became president, he might have spent some screen time talking with Trump supporters. Instead, 'Fahrenheit 11/9' just feels like comfort food for the Resistance."

Mark Feeney, Boston Globe

"By the end of 'Fahrenheit' Moore is in rant mode. 'The America I want to save is the America we never had' (huh?) and 'We have to get rid of the whole rotten system that gave us Donald Trump.' That basically means any part of the Democratic Party to the right of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whom we briefly glimpse in a news clip.

"The movie's a dynamic mess, and the dynamism makes the messiness feel that much messier."

Stephen Dalton, Times

"Fahrenheit 11/9 is funny and mischievous in parts, but too little of it feels fresh or shocking."

Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic

"This brand of gonzo journalism was effective in Moore's 1989 debut about Flint and General Motors, 'Roger & Me,' but it has long since devolved into self-parody."

"... [J]ust like all those angry memes flowing across your social-media feeds, Moore’s movie appeals to emotions in a way that makes careful analysis of complex realities seem beside the point. It’s almost, well, Trumpian. The difference is a matter of degree."

Mark Dujsik, Mark Reviews Movies

"The unfocused Fahrenheit 11/9 mostly tells us that things are bad and could get worse, which seems unnecessary at this point."

Walter Chaw, Film Freak Central

"The problem isn't that Trump is who he has always obviously been, right there out in the open (and proud of his vulgarity and ugliness); the problem is that the entrenched political establishment on every side had fallen into complacency and lost interest in any class other than their own. Outside of that thread, the rest of it, including an extended comparison of Trump to Hitler, is just Moore being the Left's Rush Limbaugh. When preaching to the choir, best to turn the camera on the choir: Fahrenheit 11/9 is gold when it's shaming the Left. I wish he'd spent more time doing that."

Charles Ealy, Austin American-Statesman

"Here's the thing: Moore constantly makes statements that are technically true but aren't entirely accurate ... Fahrenheit 11/9 is full of such allegations. It will cheer the faithful but leave a lot of us wondering what Moore has left out."

Norman Wilner, NOW Toronto

"Not his best effort ... it's like Moore's even forgotten why he got into this business in the first place."

Matt Goldberg, Collider

"Michael Moore wants to rally emotional support for a political revolution, but as always, he cares more about stunts than policy details."


Moore, like many other liberals, is seeking to cash in on the 50% of America that did not vote for — and does not like — President Trump. And Moore thinks he's about to cause a sh*tstorm — this week he vowed to leave the U.S. and move to Canada if things go awry following the release of his film.

But Moore's last anti-Trump movie, "Michael Moore in TrumpLand," didn't exactly hit the big time, grossing $149,000. We're guessing this will suffer a similar fate — and we'll be stuck with Moore doing the same old stuff over and over again.


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