Poll: Pope's Popularity Plummeting Among Americans

Anti-Trump voters approve of him far more than Trump voters

A new CNN poll shows Pope Francis’ popularity has plummeted among Americans.

Francis has been at the center of the firestorm engulfing the Catholic Church in recent weeks as charges of a cover-up of rampant sexual abuse have ben leveled at the Vatican.

In the CNN poll, only 48% of Americans had a favorable view of the Pope. That figure was roughly 66% in January 2017 and 72% in December 2013, a few months after he was elected Pope.

Among American Catholics, Francis’ approval rating dropped from 83% eighteeen months ago to 63% now. During the same period, his approval rate among Americans 45 and older dropped from 68% to 44%; among women, 71% to 51%; among men, 60% to 45%; among Democrats, 79% to 57%, and among Republicans, 54% to 36%.

Interestingly, Trump supporters’ approval rating of Francis was 34%; Americans who dislike Trump were much more favorable toward Francis, at 57%. Additionally, it would seem higher education made people favor Francis more strenuously; only 44% of non-college graduates approved of Francis, while 57% of college graduates approved.


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