Panthers Owner Emphasizes Player Charity Work Over Anthem Protests

On Thursday, Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper appeared on CNBC. During an exchange with Scott Wapner regarding the anthem protests, Tepper claimed that his players are "some of the most patriotic people."

When Wapner asked Tepper if the league has "handled this whole anthem issue" properly, Tepper pivoted by emphasizing the charitable work in which his players are involved.

Later in the segment, the following exchange occurred:

WAPNER: Do you think [Trump has] taken the narrative about what this was all about in the first place?

TEPPER: What do you mean by that?

WAPNER: Do you think he's changed the narrative — he's made it about anti-patriotism against our armed services.

TEPPER: That was the biggest pile of bull-dingy ever. These are some of the most patriotic people, and best people. These are great young men. So, to say that ... it makes me so aggravated and angry. Okay? It's just wrong. It's just dead wrong.

Tepper then had Wapner recite the pledge of allegiance with him, noting that "one of the most patriotic things" an individual can do pertains to the "justice for all" portion of the pledge.

Tepper continued:

Now listen, everybody's standing this season because I think people understand it's what you do in the community, it's what you do out there. We have a lot of good guys ... doing a lot of things out there. So ... I'm not criticizing anybody, but [if] we could do a better message saying how much people do good in the community, I think that's what I would want to see happen.

The official mission of the Cam Newton Foundation is to "ensure that children's socioeconomic, educational, physical, and emotional needs are enhanced." This is accomplished through several programs — Every1 Learns, Every1 Plays, and Every1 Gives.

Greg Olsen’s Receptions for Research Foundation "provides families of babies affected by congenital heart disease with a multitude of services including in-home, private nursing care, physical therapy and speech therapy among other benefits." The foundation also aims to help cancer patients.

The Thomas Davis Defending Dreams Foundation runs multiple events throughout the year, including a toy drive, a "leadership academy," a free youth football camp, and a program that provides "low-income students" with school supplies.

Other charitable initiatives in which Panthers players are involved include the Torrey Smith Family Fund, C.J. Anderson’s Dreams Never Die Foundation, Fozzy’s Future Heroes, and Chase Blackburn Chasing the Cure.


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