Michael Moore's Ex-Wife Claims He Stiffed Her Out Of 'Fahrenheit 11/9' Profits

"She was the driving force..."

Kathleen Glynn, the ex-wife of socialist propagandist Michael Moore, claims he stiffed her out of profits for his upcoming film "Fahrenheit 11/9," the sequel to his 2004 hit "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Glynn and Moore split from each other after 23 years of marriage, sparking a nasty divorce over the parsing of assets and nine properties. According to Page Six, the fight is not over yet, with Glynn "hauling him to court for allegedly stiffing her on profits from their movie projects."

Glynn’s attorney Bonnie Rabin said in the new Manhattan Supreme Court suit that she was a "driving force" behind many of Moore's successful projects.

"She was the driving force in the making of many of [his] films and other ventures in which Mr. Moore was the featured personality, dating back to their first big success, 'Roger and Me' (1989)," said Rabin.

Indeed, Glynn has produced some of Moore's greatest hits, including the Academy Award winner "Bowling for Columbine" and the box office smash "Fahrenheit 9/11," which still holds the title for "highest-grossing documentary film of all time."

Moore has made flop after flop following the divorce from Glynn. Page Six reports that the suit alleges that Moore walked away from binding arbitration required to "flesh out the terms of an important provision in their property settlement."

Glynn claims Moore’s trying to obtain all the benefits of their 2014 settlement in which she 'signed over essentially all of her interest in the fruits of the parties’ joint efforts as film-makers … in exchange for a promise of future revenue-sharing by' Moore.

After he allegedly paid her just $541 in 2014, Glynn is accusing him of falsely reporting massive losses to the IRS in both 2014 and 2016.

Moore's latest film comes to us by way of none other than #MeToo father Harvey Weinstein. The title "Fahrenheit 11/9" references the day after Trump became President with the overt intention everyone should be familiar with: "bring Trump down" before the November midterm elections. Moore's last film failed to oust Bush; this film will most likely embolden Trump supporters even more.


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