Steve Bannon Insults Elon Musk. Musk’s Response Is Priceless.

"Sloppy" Steve Bannon attacked Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday night, calling him a liar and an emotionally "immature man-child."

CNN reports that Bannon made the remarks about Musk during "a phone call with CNN in which he commented at length on the executives of major tech companies."

"Tesla is out of control," Bannon told CNN. "The board of directors have no control over the CEO. The CEO essentially lies. He flat-out lied about securing funding."

Bannon also took a shot at Musk after an emotional interview Musk gave to The New York Times about how rough the previous year had been for him.

"He then has an emotional breakdown with The New York Times," Bannon continued. "This is the level of maturity you have with these people. They are all man-childs. How can they have this unlimited power. It's outrageous."

Musk welcomed Bannon's insults in a witty response to the former Trump administration strategist, who was fired and branded by President Donald Trump as "Sloppy Steve."

"Can Steve Bannon please insult me some more?" Musk responded. "Best PR I’ve had in a while."


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