New Poll Has Bad News For Clinton. See How She Matches Up Against GOP.

In a poll published on Wednesday conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University, Hillary Clinton trails behind every posed hypothetical matchup against a Republican. Senator Bernie Sanders does nearly as bad, coming behind every proposed Republican candidate aside from Senator Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump comes ahead of Clinton, with 44.6% to 43.1%. Senator Marco Rubio also had a lead over Clinton, with 47.5% to 41.6%. Senator Ted Cruz leads Clinton with 45.2% to 43.9%. John Kasich enjoyed the widest margin over Clinton, with 49.4% to 38%.

Against Sanders, Trump leads 44.4% to 43.3%. Rubio also leads Sanders 45.8% to 41.8%. Cruz trails Sanders with 42.3% to 44.4%. Kasich comes ahead of Sanders, 43.9% to 40.7%.

Interestingly, in a hypothetical matchup between Sanders, Trump, and Michael Bloomberg, Trump comes ahead with 37%. Sanders and Bloomberg received support from 30.3% and 16.3% of respondents, respectively.

Asked about their expected reactions to a Clinton nomination, 15.5% said they’d be enthusiastic, 30.7% said they’d be satisfied, 18.6% said they’d be dissatisfied, and 27.7% said they’d be scared.

On responses to a Trump nomination, 15.4% said they’d be enthusiastic, 24% said they’d be satisfied, 18.2% said they’d be dissatisfied, and 38% said they’d be scared.

According to those polled, Trump is scarier than Clinton.

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