Trump Continues To BLOW OUT Competition in National Polling

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is continuing to dominate the national polling.

A Quinnipiac poll shows Trump leading at 39 percent, followed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) at 19 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) at 18 percent. Trump's lead has increased from the previous Quinnipiac poll on February 5, when the results were Trump at 31 percent, Cruz at 22 percent and Rubio at 19 percent.

Trump, Cruz and Rubio are also fairly equal in terms of favorability ratings, as they each score at 62 percent, 62 percent and 64 percent, respectively.

The write-up of the survey highlights some of the key characteristics voters look for in presidential candidates:

Looking at key characteristics, Bush leads in one area as 74 percent of Republicans say he has the right kind of experience to be president, with Cruz at 68 percent, Trump at 60 percent, Kasich at 59 percent and Rubio at 54 percent. On other qualities, Republican voters say:

- 72 percent that Rubio is honest and trustworthy, with 70 percent for Bush, 65 percent for Kasich, 62 percent for Cruz and 60 percent for Trump;

-80 percent that Trump has strong leadership qualities, with 69 percent for Cruz, 63 percent for Rubio, 60 percent for Bush and 58 percent for Kasich;

-73 percent that Rubio cares about their needs and problems, with 67 percent for Cruz, 66 percent for Bush and 62 percent each for Trump and Kasich;

-70 percent say Rubio shares their values, with 69 percent for Bush, 67 percent for Cruz, 60 percent for Trump and 57 percent for Kasich.

National polls at this point are useless, but it does show that Trump continues to gain ground nationally.


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