Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Releases His Perfectly Anti-Trump Presidential Platform To Mixed Reviews

Michael Avenatti, the celebrity lawyer of porn star Stormy Daniels — and the man who CNN interviewed nearly five dozen times over the span of two months — is (probably) running for president, and, predictably, his platform is perfectly crafted to present him as the perfect progressive antidote to Trump.

While Avenatti is marketing himself as a man who can stand toe-to-toe with Trump and deliver the counter-punches that none of Trump's previous opponents could seem to land, the platform he released on Tuesday makes clear that while he shares Trump's combative personality, he opposes him in just about every other way.

Avenatti's platform includes: ​

  • Blocking any attempt to build a wall on the southern border
  • "Medicare For All" (a la Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)
  • Support for "a woman's right to choose" and condemnation of any attempt to repeal Roe v. Wade
  • 100% support for unions
  • "Sensible gun control"
  • "Restor[ing] America's place in the world" post-Trump

Even on the issue of jobs, which Avenatti, of course, says he's all about creating, he makes sure to portray Trump's significant progress on jobs as a sham because they aren't "quality" enough.

Here's the full list of platform positions he posted Tuesday:

The Daily Beast's coverage of Avenatti's announcement provides a summary of the escalation of his presidential ambitions, and notes that he's already drawing crowds:

Last month, Avenatti indicated that he’d make a run at the presidency if Trump ran for re-election. And then last week he told The Des Moines Register that he was “exploring” a run while attending a major Democratic fundraiser in Iowa largely seen as the “unofficial kick-off of 2020 Iowa Caucus campaigning.”

And judging by that crowd in Iowa, Avenatti seems to have some support already. “I think he should jump right in,” Mary Cole, attendee of Iowa’s Wing Ding Dinner told The Daily Beast. “I think we need someone who can beat Trump … Michael Avenatti I think can handle Trump. Michael Avenatti is much smarter.”

His followers are clearly enthused:

But others haven't taken Avenatti's release of his platform quite as seriously as he likely hoped (h/t Mediaite):

But as Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro notes, in this hysterical era, "Avenatti For President" isn't all that crazy:

If all that matters in Democrat-world is opposition to Trump, Avenatti’s the guy. And Avenatti enjoys insulting Trump. He looks like he’s the only guy having fun out there on the Left – because he is. He’s come from nowhere, the media have given him hundreds of thousands of dollars of airtime, and he’ll be able to brag about how he’s the only person on stage who has actually taken on Trump personally. If anger is the motivating drive for Democrats, Avenatti should be taken a lot more seriously than Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). What better revenge on Trump than electing the lawyer for the porn star he once screwed?

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