Spike Lee Hopes Trump Watches ‘BlacKkKlansman’

"I want the guy in the White House to see it too"

Director Spike Lee is using every opportunity available to make everyone know his latest film, "BlacKkKlansman," is an anti-Trump piece of propaganda rather than a carefully crafted story. After slamming the President at every turn throughout the film's promotion, he now says he hopes "the guy in the White House" will watch the film.

"BlacKkKlansman" tells the outrageous story about Colorado Springs detective Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), who successfully infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in the early 1970's with the help of another detective who went undercover (Adam Driver). Spike Lee has made it known he wanted to tie the film in with President Trump, implicitly highlighted in the trailer during a scene where a former KKK Grand Wizard gives a toast to his KKK comrades in the name of "America First."

Speaking with Reuters, Spike Lee expressed hope that President Trump will watch the film, referring to him only as "the guy in the White House," refusing to say his name as if he were Voldemort.

"I want the guy in the White House to see it too. I don’t say his name though," Lee told Reuters. "When I saw the horrific act of domestic, American homegrown terrorism, I knew right away I wanted to do this,” Lee said of the events in Charlottesville.

Spike Lee, of course, says this after decades of supporting the Democratic Party's agenda, which includes the full-funding of Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars, an organization founded by a white supremacist who delivered her racist message at a Klan rally.

The film currently holds a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with just four negative reviews. Armond White of National Review said viewers should take the enthusiasm with a grain of salt.

"Lee’s entire career has been built on appeasing guilty white liberals," White wrote in his negative review. "That’s why you can never trust his always-fawning reviews, which are even less trustworthy this time since mainstream media have joined the #Resistance."


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