China Shifts: Government Wants More Babies

China, which espoused severe population control for decades, has shifted its position, encouraging families to have more children as its population ages.

China had a one-child policy starting in 1979, then relaxed the policy in 2015, allowing parents to have two children.

Because the one-child policy triggered families to have a son rather than a daughter, there is a paucity of women. According to a report by the National Population and Family Planning Commission in 2007, 118 boys were born to every 100 girls in 2005. The report estimated China would have 30 million more men than women in 2020.

But now, as Ed Morrisey writes at HotAir, the People’s Daily, mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, has run an op-ed titled, “Giving birth is a family matter and a national issue too.” That op-ed suggested “the impact of low birth rates on the economy and society has begun to show.”

According to CNN, in the late 1960’s only 3.36% of China’s population was older than 65, but that figure has accelerated over the years until it has reached almost 10%.


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