French Feminists: Postcards With Butts On Them Normalize 'Violence Against Women'

French feminists are uniting against a scourge they say is destroying society's respect for women and encouraging the propagation of rape culture: picture postcards from vacation locations that feature women wearing bikinis that reveal their ample bottoms.

No, really.

Kat Timpf at National Review reports that The Femmes Solidaires are on a mission to see two postcards — one with women on a beach wearing thong bathing suits and another of a woman in a thong riding a bike — permanently removed from souvenir shops, lest tourists and French postcard senders get the wrong idea.

"[A]ccording to an article in the Telegraph, the group claims that the cards actually promote a 'culture of rape' in which women are 'sex objects that can be consumed and thrown away under the pretext of leisure and entertainment' and that they 'normalise violence against women," NRO reports.

Femmes Solidaires are even mobilizing their 10,000 members to visit tourist shops and report where the cards are being sold so that certain retailers can be targeted.

“They contribute to a culture of rape, impose a degrading image of women, and help legitimize and trivialize violence against women,” the group said in a statement to Reuters, even though the connection between butts on postcards and sexual assault seems tenuous at best. It's likely few, if any, French or foreign rapists have been moved to commit their brutal crimes after seeing a woman in a thong bikini riding a bike through Mont Ventoux (though, frankly, that just seems uncomfortable for everyone involved).

France has opened a major front in the war on sexual harassment; aside from the feminist campaign against pictures of butts, the French government recently passed a measure outlawing catcalling, and instituting stiff finds for anyone making lewd comments at women in public locations.


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