Feminist 'Pop-Up' In San Francisco Encourages Visitors To Swim In A 'Ball Pit Of Boobs'

For feminism, obviously.

"That Lady Thing," a "feminist pop-up" in San Francisco might be filled with plenty of Instagram-worthy walls and art installations, but the curators really want you to take a leap of faith on your visit — into a pool filled with plastic boobs.

That Lady Thing (or TLT for those in the know) bills itself as a "pop-up installation, born in San Francisco, raised on social media. We like strong voices and stronger cocktails, smart conversation and smart style. We are feminists with a fun streak and creatives with a conscience."

The creators say they want to "raise awareness" but it's not clear what they're raising awareness of, other than plastic boobs and, apparently, some boob wallpaper. They just know they're raising awareness of something.

"We built That Lady Thing because we wanted to raise awareness—and funds—through a creative, experiential activation," their website says. "We pay for our costs with ticket sales and sponsorship dollars. We do not profit from this project. By collecting donations at our events, we raise funds for organizations doing important work for women in the workplace and the world."

The only organization listed on their website is the National Women's Law Center, which has an equally descriptive "about us": they are "expanding the possibilities." For women. Or something. It appears the actual installation was created by an ad agency to help sell products marketed at upwardly mobile ladies, like BeneFit cosmetics and Pomp & Whimsy gin.

At any rate, tickets to "That Lady Thing" are $25 each, but they include a "craft cocktail" (you can choose from the “Consensual Sex on the Beach” or the “Bold Fashioned”), very un-feminist "ladylike confections," and plenty of "selfies with a side of self respect."

The point appears to be to take your selfie with the plastic boobs, then post it to Instagram. The "very brave" act of posting a photo with a bunch of bizarrely shaped stress balls is supposed to emulate real activism, encouraging your not-as-woke female friends to do better, work harder, burn their bra, and pay their NOW membership dues.

It's definitely skin deep. But then again, so is modern feminism.


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