In addition to white supremacists, anarchists, and has-been rappers, Trump can now add the anti-Semitic, preening pacifist radical group Code Pink to his list of supporters. After the real estate mogul’s conspiracy-laden rant about former President George W. Bush at Saturday night’s South Carolina GOP debate, the so-called "anti-war" group showered Trump with obsequious praise. Conspiracy theorists make strange bedfellows indeed.

“I watched the debate last night and LOVED IT,” squawked Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin. “It felt surreal to hear Donald Trump, the leading Republican contender for President, saying what we at CODEPINK have been shouting to the winds for 14 years now: that Bush and his cronies lied about WMDs, that the Iraq war was catastrophic, and that Bush never 'kept us safe' because 9/11 happened on his watch.”

On this issue, Trump has even outdone Bush’s most vocal critics, including Nancy Pelosi. The GOP front-runner essentially blamed President Bush for 9/11 during Saturday night’s debate, a line not even liberals have crossed in public. When Trump told former Governor Jeb Bush, “The World Trade Center came down during your brother's reign, remember that,” the South Carolina crowd responded in fury. The room was drowned out by a cacophony of boos, signaling just how low Donald Trump had sunk. The answer came after moderator John Dickerson challenged Trump on his alleged calls for Bush’s impeachment:

John Dickerson: In 2008, in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, talking about President George W. Bush's conduct of the war, you said you were surprised that Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi didn't try to impeach him.

You said, quote: "which personally I think would have been a wonderful thing." When you were asked what you meant by that and you said: "For the war, for the war, he lied, he got us into the war with lies." Do you still believe President Bush should have been impeached?

This notion that Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing is just not true. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Trump’s paranoid Bush-obsession is a symptom of his prior dalliances with the far-Left. Trump’s political education comes from snippets of television shows and glimpses of blogs. He is neither a Buckley Conservative nor a Dewey Liberal. The man is an opportunist who entertains conspiracy theories at will.

“Trump Goes Code Pink on George W. Bush,” said Politico, highlighting the uncanny moment on Saturday night:

It was weird that an angry Code Pink-style protester interrupted last night’s Republican presidential debate with a barrage of familiar Democratic talking points about George W. Bush—that he lied the country into a disastrous war in Iraq, failed to prevent the September 11 attacks, and even whiffed on an opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden. It was especially weird that the protestor was one Donald J. Trump, who happens to be the front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Some have even accused Trump of operating as a Trojan Horse for a Hillary Clinton presidency win.

As The Daily Wire’s Harry Khachatrian noted:

Trump then pulled the left’s favorite line: “Bush lied. People died.” Perhaps he bumped into Hillary Clinton on his way there and accidently ended up with her debate notes?

"You call it whatever you want. I will tell you. They lied. They said there were weapons of mass destruction and there were none. And they knew there were none. There were no weapons of mass destruction.”

While the speculation here is of course facetious, it’s still quite disconcerting to see a Republican front runner attract a menagerie of the country’s most reviled people.

Code Pink’s glittering praise says something about Trump’s potential as a future Commander-in-Chief. Here is Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin again:

Honestly, on this issue, Trump has gone farther than even Bernie Sanders. It was great. I'm not sure it will win him any votes, though. He certainly won't win over the anti-war crowd with his Islamophobia and anti-immigrant tirades. But on this issue, I'd give him a Pink Badge of Courage. I only wish that the bed was as YUGE as Trump's bank account. Most of the country should fit in that bed.

While the group is notorious for disrupting congressional hearings to protest any and all military engagements, it has recently embraced a vile form of anti-Semitism plaguing many Leftist social justice warrior (or SJW) organizations.

In fact, last Thursday, the Mayor of the German city of Bayreuth, Brigitte Merk-Erbe rejected awarding her city’s tolerance prize to Code Pink because of its ties with alleged Holocaust deniers. “I consider it correct to refrain from awarding the prize out of a sense of [historical responsibility, and out of respect for the victims of National Socialism [or the Nazi empire],” stated Merk-Erbe. According to The Jerusalem Post, “The decision to award the Wilhelmine-von-Bayreuth-Preis to Code Pink - an organization that participated in an Iranian regime run conference with Holocaust deniers in 2014 - prompted sharp criticism in Germany, Israel and the United States.”

Here is Code Pink’s governing body at the Holocaust Denial conference:

"It felt surreal to hear Donald Trump, the leading Republican contender for President, saying what we at CODEPINK have been shouting to the winds for 14 years now ..."

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the radical pacifist and Jew-hating group Code Pink

Notably, Benjamin was a prominent participant in the anti-Semitic spectacle. She has long propagated anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Israel and its Jews controlling Congress and the American political process. Many of Code Pink’s talking points appear to come straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Ironically, this leftist organization has far more in common with Trump’s "cuckservative -hating" white supremacist fanboys than it likes to think: a mutual hatred of Jews.