On Sunday, one day after Justice Scalia’s tragic passing, the racially-divisive leftist New York Times writer Brent Staples predictably deemed any Republican opposition to President Obama’s imminent effort to jam a liberal, judicial activist to the Supreme Court as racist.

After the sudden and unexpected passing of Justice Scalia, “[v]irtually all the Republican presidential candidates have called on Obama not to nominate anyone to fill Scalia’s vacancy, explaining that he’s in the last year of his tenure and that it would be irregular to try to cram through a lifetime appointment before leaving office,” explains The Daily Wire Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro.

Senator Cruz took it a step further and declared that the Senate should block any nominee for this purpose, because, of course, it is common knowledge that Obama will go ahead and nominate someone anyway.

Staples, who is obsessed with race, or at least relies on exploiting it to make a living, quickly pounced on the opportunity to deem this strategy by Republicans as racist, tweeting (then deleting): “In a nation built on slavery, white men propose denying the first black president his Constitutional right to name Supreme Court nominee.”

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet that Staples sent, then courageously deleted:

Of course, Staples' insinuation that Republicans are racist for their strategy is not only nasty, but completely meritless. As mentioned before, Republicans, or anyone with a pulse, would be fully aware that Obama will go ahead and nominate a left-wing justice. That's why they have declared that they will block any nominee he offers. This is clearly different than Republicans “denying” Obama his "Constitutional right" to name a Supreme Court nominee.

Oh, and don’t forget, President Obama himself, as a senator, tried to filibuster then-President George W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominee. (I bet Obama just hated Bush because he was white, right, Staples?) Also, Democrat Chuck Schumer voiced opposition to any Supreme Court nominees in Bush’s last year of his second term in office. Sound familiar? Or how about the fact that there is absolutely no evidence that the Republican strategy has anything to do with race. There’s that.

But none of that matters, not to Staples, not to Democrats. Dissent from any liberal is always racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobia, always—even when there is no proof of such a nasty allegation.