Crediting Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz with wiping out the “Republican Establishment,” Breitbart News Network’s Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon shared his views of the most important takeaways from this past Saturday’s GOP debate in South Carolina. Describing the acrimony of the anti-Trump and anti-Cruz audience as the death throes of a Republican Party establishment in decline, Bannon saw a silver lining at the debate in the form of a political rebirth of the GOP.

Putting aside Trump’s belligerence, Bannon highlighted what he viewed as Trump’s separation of the Republican brand from the George W. Bush legacy and broader quasi-dynasty and family business of the Bushes.

“I think Donald Trump did something quite important last night. Two things, number one he is trying to separate Bushism from the Republican Party going forward. He is trying to destroy the Bush apparatus, and that’s quite evident,” said Bannon, “and it’s being destroyed.”

“In addition, I think he’s once again strategically putting Hillary Clinton on notice about her support of the Iraq War and the Iraq vote,” added Bannon, “He’s already virtually crippled the Clinton campaign and teed it up for Bernie Sanders who can now make a real run at it.”

Crediting Trump with leading the charge in the slaying of the old Republican guard, Bannon simultaneously praised Cruz’s composure while under criticism by his opponents

“Donald Trump was in rare form last night He got flustered, and I think he got angry, but there’s a lot to be angry about,” said Bannon, adding, “I think Ted Cruz comported himself tremendously. Really held his cool, and they were viciously going after Ted Cruz.”

Describing the “Fox pom-poms” as “disgusting,” Bannon derided Fox News Channel’s commentariat for praising Senator Marco Rubio’s debate performance.

“The whole lot of them, Fox News, the commentariat at Fox News, the Lindsey Graham apparatus, and the Republican Party of South Carolina, they all make me sick to my stomach. And you’re seeing, quite frankly, those guys being swept out to sea and they’re gonna wail and gnash their teeth on the way out,” said Bannon of the debate’s audience booing Trump and Cruz while cheering Kasich and Bush.

Characterizing the aforementioned groups as disconnected from America’s base of patriotic conservatives, Bannon attributed their perceptions and behavior to their lack of engagement with grassroots movements.

On Sunday, Breitbart News Network’s Executive Chairman spoke with the news outlet’s Editor-in-Chief about the important takeaways from this past Saturday night’s Republican debate in South Carolina.

Targeted for more criticism was Rubio, who Bannon accused of “lying with a straight face” in his denial of difference between his political messaging in English and Spanish. Bannon also accused of Rubio of lying about Cruz, and the Texas senator’s inability to speak Spanish.

“The commentariat, and the people booing, they don’t get it. They don’t get what the issues are. They don’t get why people are angry. They don’t get why people are angry at them,” concluded Bannon.

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