REPORT: Police Specifically Planned Stormy Daniels Arrest

According to emails released by a whistleblower from the Columbus Police Department to The Fayette Advocate, the police department set up a sting operation that ended with the arrest of former Trump paramour Stormy Daniels. The emails from Det. Shana Keckley showed videos of Daniels dancing, a map to the club where she was arrested, and an email cheering, “You’re Welcome!!!!! It was me, Rosser, Lancaster, and Praiter.”

The police released Daniels after her arrest, and stated that the arrest was a mistake. But this raises a serious question: did the Columbus PD target Daniels for political reasons? If so, this is an example of law enforcement targeting that will largely be ignored, since it’s not race-based. But it would show that law enforcement power, centralized in the hands of the wrong people, can be used to pursue political enemies.

All of which is a good reason for checks and balances at every level from the local to the state to the federal.


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