Female Democratic Voters Signal That They Might Be 'Ready For Hillary.' Again.

A plurailty of Democratic women refuse to give up on the dream.

The Democratic Party may still be suffering the ill effects of her failed presidential campaign, but one group — women who self-identify as Democratic voters — want Hillary Clinton to get a second . . . err . . . third chance at the presidency.

In a Morning Consult poll released Thursday, Democratic men expressed genuine displeasure at the thought of Hillary Clinton running for president again in 2020, but 45% of Democratic women, a plurality, according to the poll, were delighted to consider a Clinton resurgence.

Among all voters, men, women and those of any one of the 37 gender persuasions currently recognized by leftist college professors and progressive Tumblr posters, 63% said they'd prefer if Clinton sat this one out. But the number is so high almost entirely because men are ready for a new face.

Middle-aged women were the core of Clinton's campaign and they've become the core of the Democratic, anti-Trump resistance. Although leftists have tried to portray the "resistance" as a diverse, active campaign, it's mostly made up of older mothers and grandmothers, active on social media — the only group that was truly energized about a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Morning Consult noted in its explanation of the poll that a third Clinton presidential campaign isn't entirely out of the question. Rumor has it that Clinton is quietly maintaining a small staff of close advisers, working alongside her Onward Together non-profit, that could easily transition into a core campaign team if she pulls the trigger.


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