Dream Dead: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo CRUSHES Cynthia Nixon In Polls

The Democratic governor leads his progressive challenger by 36 points.

Hopes of a "Democratic Socialist" wave originating in New York may be dead: although Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez remains on the campaign trail, her fellow New York "progressive," actress-turned-politician Cynthia Nixon, trails current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo by nearly 40 points.

A Quinnipiac University Poll has Cuomo besting Nixon 59% to 23%, Politico reports, and Cuomo leads Nixon across all 15 demographics Quinnipiac polled for their study, including women, whom Nixon courted as her core constituency.

“New Yorkers say 59-30 percent they want a gubernatorial candidate with experience in politics over someone new to it,” Quinnipiac's team said in a statement accompanying the poll results. “Democrats, non-white voters and women, in particular, lead the charge in that preference.”

Quinnipiac notes that Cuomo's numbers "fluttered a little" right around when Nixon first officially declared but have only been rising since, while Nixon's share of the market has dropped. She's currently at her lowest rating, five points below when she launched her campaign, and three points below when The New York Times released their glowing profile, entitled "Hollywood to Public Office."

Her "gender and ideology" was supposed to make the Cuomo-Nixon race "the most closely watched in the nation," but now it seems like it might be a campaign that progressives would prefer to forget.

She's even losing in New York City.

Part of the problem may be that Nixon has openly embraced some of the furthest-left elements of her own party, raising funds for her campaign by selling bongs alongside Comedy Central actresses, and desperately claiming she's simply an older version of Ocasio-Cortez.

Cuomo has had his moments of desperation, too, picking up a team of experienced political organizers and campaign pros right after Nixon announced, but it doesn't seem like he has much to worry about from Nixon's insurgent run.


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