BIG BANK: Trump Raises More Than $88M In Re-election Campaign, Report Says

President Trump has already hauled in more than $88 million for his re-election campaign, giving him a massive lead over Democrats, who at this point still have no front runner to take on the incumbent in 2020.

"Mr. Trump’s campaign committee, combined with two joint committees formed with the Republican Party, ended last month with nearly $53.6 million in the bank — almost $10 million more than their previous largest balance — according to finance reports filed Sunday evening with the Federal Election Commission," the New York Times reported late Sunday.

The totals reflect a brisk and continued fund-raising effort by Mr. Trump’s campaign operation that, in a departure from usual presidential practice, started even before he took office. Most new presidents shift their political operations to their national party committee until launching their re-election campaign after the first midterm election of their tenure.

Mr. Trump’s campaign and the two joint committees — Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again — have continued spending aggressively to cultivate donors through both online list-building targeting small donors and fund-raising events for big donors. ...

The three Trump committees raised more than $17.7 million from the beginning of April through the end of June, the period covered in Sunday’s reports. That was the second-largest quarterly haul since he took office, though it was a drop of nearly $2.5 million from the preceding quarter.

Among the biggest donors were Andrew Beal, a Texas-based banker, who gave $339,000 to Trump Victory, and real estate developer Stanley Chera, who donated $169,500.

When asked earlier this year by the Daily Mail if he plans to run for re-election, Trump said: "Well, I fully intend to. It seems like everybody wants me to.”


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