In Another Game Of One-Upsmanship, Putin Shows Off New Limo For First Time

Russian President Vladimir Putin is nothing if not a showman.

Putin landed in Helsinki nearly an hour late — right at the moment his big summit meeting with President Trump was supposed to begin. The 65 year old, who really likes himself, flung off his jacket on the tarmac, then jumped into his new Russian-made limousine, which was making its first tour on foreign soil.

The car, called Kortezh, which means “motorcade” in Russian, is 23 feet long and nearly six feet high. “This is the first high-end luxury car manufactured domestically in many years,” says a webpage. The Aurus limousine sports a V* engine made by Porsche and features AI technology. "When faced with an inescapable collision, this limo can automatically move the passenger seats to a safer position, tighten all the seat belts and close all the doors and windows," says Select Car Leasing.

The six-ton vehicle, which debuted in May in Russia, is also a smart car. "For example, Putin’s limo can reportedly sense how bumpy a road is and adjust its speed automatically. It can also detect road signs and will reduce and increase its speed based on the speed limit of the signs along each individual road."

It's also got an awesome grille.

Trump showed off his own limo to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un when the two met last month in Singapore.

The president's limousine — known as The Beast — cost more than $2 million. It weighs up to 20,000 pounds, has eight-inch thick steel doors that weigh as much as those on a Boeing 757, and the five-inch thick front windshield can protect the president from armor-piercing bullets. The Beast also has "run-flat tires," an air-tight interior that seals against chemical attacks, along with some offensive capabilities such as rocket-propelled and smoke grenades, pump shotguns in the front doors and a tear gas cannon.

Toss in night vision optics, onboard oxygen tanks and an armored fuel tank filled with foam to prevent explosion, and you've got one of the most secure cars in the world.

During their joint summit, Trump took a minute to show Kim The Beast. The two walked to the limo and a Secret Service agent opened the door so Kim could look inside. The dictator got a broad smile as he peered in and nodded to Trump.

While we're on the subject, Queen Elizabeth's ride is pretty sweet.

Says Select Car Leasing:

Created especially for her majesty, this Bentley State Limousine is the most expensive state car in the world, costing around £11 Million [$14.5 million]. The car was not only built for the Queen’s exclusive use, but was built for a specific occasion, too, the golden jubilee, which was held in 2002 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Queen’s accession to the British throne.

The Bentley is based on one of their most luxurious cars of the past, the Arnage, but with this version Bentley extended the wheelbase to afford more room for passengers in the back, it was also widened and provided more head room than the original, making it easier for the Queen and other passengers to “get out in a suitably dignified manner.”

Bentley have not disclosed the cars safety features, but reports suggest that the cabin is blast proof and is sealed air-tight in case of a gas attack. The tyres are reinforced Kevlar and the bodywork is fully bulletproof too.

Maybe Trump and Putin can settle their differences with a street race — winner takes Crimea.


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