WATCH: George Lopez Mock Urinates On Trump's Hollywood Star

Minor compared to those who came before

Comedian George Lopez performed a mock urination on President Trump's Hollywood star in a video published online late Wednesday.

Placing a water bottle over his crotch, George Lopez let the liquid stream over President Trump's star as friends impishly giggled nearby while others caught the act on video.

While certainly crass, the mock desecration of President Trump's star is minor compared to those who came before Lopez. In 2017, an unidentified assailant used a black marker to write "F**k Trump" on the president’s star. Months later, another vandal placed a golden toilet beside the landmark that invited passersby to "take a Trump."

In late 2016, as the election loomed closer, a vandal named James Otis used a pick-axe to destroy Trump’s star. The 53-year-old was tried and ordered to pay $700 to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and another $3,700 to the Hollywood Historic Trust.

For Lopez's part, the man has consistently been a prominent troll of Trump. This past June, he sponsored the sale of a jacket meant to mock Melania Trump:


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