Delusional Harvey Weinstein STILL Reviewing Scripts

"He is reviewing scripts"

Despite facing charges of rape and sexual misconduct against at least three women — which could put him in prison for the remainder of his life, if he's convicted — the disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is still reviewing movie scripts in hopes he will return to the good old days, according to a report from Page Six.

"Despite what you may find to be his flaws, he is a brilliant maker of movies," Weinstein's lawyer said during a court appearance. "He is reviewing scripts and trying to pursue additional projects in the future."

Why any screenwriter would send Weinstein a script to review is puzzling, to say the least; equally puzzling is where Weinstein finds the confidence to believe that any script would get financial backing with his name attached to it.

Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas reports that Weinstein's attorney said Weinstein will even be working as a paralegal on his own case.

These strikingly bizarre, and brazenly delusional, admissions come just one week after a Manhattan grand jury amended Weinstein's indictment to include three additional charges of sexual assault, including a felony assault charge that carries a sentence of more than a decade.

Of course, Weinstein's attorney could very well be playing theatrics to give off the appearance that his client believes himself innocent to the point of believing all will be sunshine and roses when the final verdict comes down in his case.


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