Texas Man Who Assaulted Teen In 'MAGA' Hat Reportedly Fired From Job. Here's The Victim's Surprising Reaction.

On Tuesday night, a viral video showed a teen being assaulted, cussed at, and robbed by a Texas man for merely wearing a "Make American Great Again" hat out in public. The man who allegedly assaulted the teen, identified as Kino Jimenez, 30, was reportedly fired from his security job at Rumble, a bar in San Antonio.

The victim of the assault, 16-year-old Hunter Richard, says he has "mixed feelings" about his alleged attacker's apparent firing.

"I'm mixed on it," Richard told My San Antonio, on Thursday. "I do feel like he deserves what he got. He unlawfully came over, stole a hat and chucked a drink in my face. But at the same time, people make mistakes."

Richard's friend, Braxton Gonzales, who was also at the table during the altercation, echoed a similarly sympathetic message.

What the suspect did was "completely ridiculous and uncalled for," said Gonzales, but he said he hopes the man receives a second chance.

"I don't support Trump, but we've talked about our political views, and we've been friends for many years," the teen added.

As reported by The Daily Wire on Thursday, Rumble reacted swiftly to the incident in question. In a Facebook post, which is no longer available, the establishment stated that they "terminated" a part-time employee for "assaulting another person at a local eatery."

"Rumble has, and always will be, a bar that is as inclusive as any establishment could possibly be. THIS BAR IS A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE! No matter your race, creed, ethnicity, sexual identity, and political stance, you are welcomed here! We do not condone the actions or behavior that were displayed in the cell phone video, and we never will," the post read.

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