'Last Man Standing' Cast Shake-Up: These Two Stars Are Out

Conservatives have been hyped-up for the return of hit show "Last Man Standing," starring actor Tim Allen. But two original cast members will not be back for Season 7.

Molly Ephraim, who played Allen's vain but lovable middle daughter named Mandy Baxter, will not be returning for the highly-anticipated upcoming season. Actor Flynn Morrison, who played Allen's grandson named Boyd Baxter, also opted out of Season 7. According to Deadline both characters are currently being recast.

Additionally, Kaitlyn Dever, who played Allen's youngest daughter, Eve Baxter, is currently negotiating a "reoccurring role" on the new season. Dever, reports Variety, recently signed on to play a role in Netflix's "Unbelievable."

"Last Man Standing" is one of the few shows on television that promotes conservative messaging and perhaps the only show currently on air that has a cast member, Tim Allen, who is openly Republican. The show centers around Allen's character, Mike Baxter, as he manages to maintain his manliness in a house where he is outnumbered by females: his wife and three daughters.

The show originally aired on ABC and was created by Jack Burditt.

According to Deadline, the rest of the core cast is set to return for the new season, including actors Nancy Travis, Jonathan Adams, Amanda Fuller, Christoph Sanders, Jordan Masterson, and, of course, Allen. Executive producer/showrunner Kevin Abbott and writer/executive producers Matt Berry, Kevin Hench and Ed Yeager are likewise returning.

Fox's "Last Man Standing" will be back on TV starting September 28, set for its original 8 p.m. slot on Friday nights.


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