WATCH: Steven Crowder Confronts Death-Threat Making Liberal, Things Get Crazy

During the recent filming of one of his "Change My Mind" sessions in Texas, conservative comedian and political commentator Steven Crowder noticed that a left-wing activist that had recently called for the firebombing of his crew's van in Austin was at the event. So, as Crowder is famous for doing, he went over to try to talk to her. After repeatedly demonstrating the indefensible nature of her calls to violence, Crowder soon found himself surrounded by a group of increasingly outraged activists.

"How are you today?" Crowder, dressed in an Uncle Sam outfit, said as he approached the "Our Revolution" activists' booth. "Quick question: Why would you encourage people to firebomb my van?" he asked the girl who had encouraged violence against his team online. "Why would you do that?"

In stereotypical social justice warrior fashion, instead of responding, the activist took out her phone and started filming.

"Do you think that's appropriate to encourage people to firebomb my van and hurt my crew when we are just expressing a difference of opinion?" asked Crowder. "Why would you threaten to firebomb my van or encourage other people to do it?"

After she denied the accusation, Crowder brought out a visual aid featuring screenshots of her literally inflammatory tweets. Continuing to remain rather quiet, the girl kept filming and even snacked to demonstrate how much she didn't care.

"So is that the way you deal with civil disagreements?" Crowder asked. "I've heard a lot of people talk about calls to civility with President Trump and conservatives, but what about this? What about firebombing someone, committing acts of violence? I would never encourage acts of violence against you. I don't want anyone to ever hurt you."

But the activist, who was so vocal online, refused to address Crowder in person. "Nothing huh? This is the 'tolerant' Left?" said Crowder.

When one of the girl's fellow activists asked Crowder if his feelings are hurt, he replied, "No, my feelings aren't hurt. I just don't want to be firebombed. That doesn't really have a place in today's political discussion, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh yeah, definitely not," said one of the activists, insincerely. When Crowder called her out for the "eye roll" and asked again if she thought threats of violence had a place, she said, "Sure," with a laugh.

After repeated attempts to get "Firebomb Girl" to speak up, she finally said, "A van is not a life."

"But what about the people in the van?" Crowder responded. "No one is getting to speak out against this?" he asked the increasingly larger and more volatile group.

But by then, all the activists had resorted to the standard campus tactics of drowning out the conservative voice, surrounding him and chanting: "Healthcare is a human right!"

"Don't engage him!" one activist yelled as Crowder repeatedly demonstrated that they had no defense of the girl's call to violence. "Our Revolution!" they chanted, to which Crowder replied, "What's The Solution? Non-Violent Speech!"

One of the leaders, standing on a chair and clearly hoping to finally expose the mythic conservative bigotry, asked Crowder, "Do you believe that all people, regardless of their race, should have equal opportunities in this country?"

But Crowder disappointed her by giving her the true conservative response: "Absolutely."

The SJWs then tried to flip the script and accuse Crowder of "encouraging acts of violence" against the girl simply by filming the encounter, to which he again referred them to her actual threats of violence as shown in the screenshots.

Eventually the mob called security to remove the lone conservative, chanting "Nazi Go Home!" as he was escorted away. Throughout the encounter, Crowder remained cordial and calm, as opposed to some of the left-wing activists who got in his face.

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