I Really Don’t Care About Melania’s Jacket. Do You?

"Bad optics" to whom?

Does anybody in America actually care about Melania's jacket? The jacket she wore before, not during, a visit to illegal alien children detained at the U.S. border as their parents attempted to smuggle them into the country? The back of the jacket reads, “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?”

I don’t. Nobody else does either.

The word “really” is important. Plenty of people are pretending to care, particularly out in Hollywood. Former comedian Kathy Griffin tweeted, “F**k these people and f**k anyone who says we should be polite to them or maintain decorum.” Producer Judd Apatow wrote, “These people are beyond fiction. Nobody could dream them up in their worst nightmares.” Alleged celebrity Chelsea Handler fumed, “The hypocrisy of @FLOTUS going down to the border to speak broken English to our refugees in that dumb jacket is a little hard to swallow.” Back in reality, the incident highlighted a different sort of hypocrisy.

Barack Obama’s administration held illegal alien children in worse conditions on a larger scale. As the AP reports, the Obama administration held children as young as fourteen for long periods in solitary confinement and left them at times with bruises and broken bones shivering nude on the concrete floors of their holding cells. In May of this year, the ACLU reported on the widespread abuse of illegal aliens in U.S. custody from 2009 to 2014. Yet the celebrities presently feigning outrage at the Trump administration for enforcing the law were all conspicuously silent as report after report observed the Obama administration’s far worse treatment of illegal aliens.

That’s because President Trump’s glitzy critics don’t really care—and the American people really don’t care what they think. According to a recent YouGov poll, just 19% of Americans favor returning to the catch-and-release border policies of President Trump’s predecessors. Even the overwhelming majority of Democrats agree—64% of self-described “liberals,” 67% of Clintons voters, and 70% of Democrats broadly oppose returning to the failed open border policies of the past.

The First Lady’s spokesman Stephanie Grisham brushed off the contrived non-troversry, stating, “It’s a jacket. There was no hidden message.” Grisham’s right: the message wasn’t hidden at all. President Trump revealed the explicit meaning of the jacket on Twitter. “’I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’ written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media,” he explained. “Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!” A Google News search of reporting on Melania's visit to illegal alien chilidren returns 33.7 million results. More than two-thirds of those stories focus on the jacket rather than the children.

TIME Magazine proved President Trump’s point on its latest cover, which depicts an illegal alien child crying at President Trump, presumably after he heartlessly separated her from her mother. The only problem is the girl pictured was never separated from her mother. Ironically, it was actually her mother who kidnapped the little girl and separated her from her father in Honduras, paying human traffickers thousands of dollars to smuggle them both into the United States. The entire image is a lie.

Some conservative commentators nevertheless insist the First Lady’s sartorial choice constitutes “bad optics.” As President Trump’s approval rating hits all-time highs, one wonders: bad optics to whom? As unemployment drops to record lows, the economy booms, tax relief arrives, and the United States regains respect and leadership on the world stage, disingenuous hacks in the mainstream media desperately seek to manufacture some controversy, any controversy, with which to attack the president. But it’s all so disingenuous, so contrived—so nobody really cares.


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