The spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Rafat Alian, cited United Nations Chief Ban Ki-Moon to justify Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem that left an Israeli border policewoman dead and two others critically injured.

Channeling the UN Chief, Alian referenced the "occupation" of the so-called "Palestinian nation” as a motive for the attack. Alian notably took the phrase "natural response" straight from the horse’s mouth, in a vile attempt to justify unprovoked, barbaric attacks against innocent Israelis. Two weeks ago, Ba Ki-Moon overtly sympathized with Palestinian terrorists, claiming, “it is human nature to react to occupation,” as if stabbing 80-year-old women and infants in the face somehow falls within the spectrum of “human nature.”

As a result of Alian’s provocations, Danny Danon, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, blasted Ban Ki-Moon for his complicity in perhaps the most wanton abuse of human rights: Islamic terrorism. In an official letter to the UN Chief, Danon writes:

Palestinian terror is using your words as justification for its actions.

Your words have created two categories of terror - against Israel and against the rest of the world.

Since when is it the UN's role to find justifications for terror? Since when does the UN create two categories for terror and victims? I call on you to take back your statements and say clearly that there is no justification for the bloodshed of Israeli victims.

The letter was raw and unfiltered, suggesting a shift in tone from diplomatic pleasantries. Danon didn’t hold back exposing the apparent moral hypocrisy and double standards of an incompetent international body.

While the UN has long loathed Israel, Ban Ki-Moon’s explicit justification of terrorism was altogether unprecedented. The United Nations is now refusing to maintain even the false pretense of objectivity.

“Ban's statements have raised ire in Israel and among the wider Jewish community,” reports Arutz Sheva. “On Saturday he was scheduled to speak at Park East Synagogue in New York City for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, but while speaking there he was booed over his recent justification of Palestinian terror.”

"Your words have created two categories of terror - against Israel and against the rest of the world."

Danny Danon, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, blasting the UN's Ban Ki-Moon

The seething anti-Semitism coming out of the halls of the UN headquarters recalls a time when medieval clerics propagated rumors of Jewish blood-libel. With the blessing of the United Nations, Palestinian terrorists are now butchering Jews like cattle in a slaughterhouse. Since September, there have been 119 stabbings, 41 shootings, and 23 car rammings targeting Israelis.