WATCH: Hillary Calls Trump A Liar, Unchristian Over Family Separation In Immigration Policy

On Monday, Hillary Clinton re-emerged from her self-imposed media exile to comment on the much-decried Trump Administration policy of arresting everyone crossing the border illegally for illegal immigration – and as a byproduct, separating children from their parents. In the process, Clinton called Trump a liar, and ripped him as unchristian.

She stated:

This is not happening because of the "Democrats’ law," as the White House has claimed. Separating families is not mandated by law at all. That is an outright lie. And it is incumbent on all of us, journalists and citizens alike, to call it just that. … Nor are these policies rooted in religion. In fact, those who selectively use the Bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenet of Christianity. I went to a lot of years of Sunday School, I even taught it from time to time, I’ve studied the Bible, both the Old and the new Testament, and what is being done using the name of religion is contrary to everything I was ever taught. Jesus said, "Suffer the little children unto me." He did not say, "Let the children suffer."

Of course, she’s wrong. And she’s lying. The law does mandate that if you arrest an illegal immigrant with children, the children not be held in custody for longer than 20 days. The other choice is to release entire families. Furthermore, those who approach points of entry for asylum are not treated as illegal immigrants; they’re treated as asylum applicants.

As far as the Bible, it’s always amusing to watch abortion fanatics like Clinton pitch the Bible as though she’s a scholar. Nothing in the Bible mandates that those who violate the laws of a nation be treated as though they are not violating those laws. And selectively quoting the Bible – particularly its most vague verses – is no better than proclaiming that the Bible supports Jeff Sessions’ particular immigration policy.


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