Los Angeles Prosecutors Investigating Sylvester Stallone Accusation

A sexual assault allegation against actor Sylvester Stallone dating back decades is being reviewed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's sex crimes task force.

"The Santa Monica Police Department presented the case to the DA's office," Los Angeles' KABC reports. "SMPD says the initial complaint was filed with police in November 2017 relating to an allegation of sexual misconduct from the 1990s."

The DA did not release any additional details of the case or provide an estimation of how long it would take to review. NBC News reports that officials "would not comment on whether [the case] would be disqualified for filing because the statute of limitations has since passed."

Stallone's lawyer Martin Singer has denied any allegations of wrongdoing. In December, Singer confirmed that a woman had "filed a police report alleging a rape that occurred 27 years ago," but dismissed the charges as "a complete fabrication."

"It is a false claim. It is a complete fabrication," said Singer. Stallone and the accuser, said the lawyer, had a consensual dating relationship years ago "[T]he woman here filed a police report to get a story published," said Singer.

This is not the first allegation recently leveled against Stallone. Amid a series of #MeToo allegations against celebrities and Hollywood power players last fall, a police report filed in the 1980s came to light alleging that Stallone and his bodyguard, Michael De Luca, forced a 16-year-old girl into having group sex with them in a Las Vegas hotel room, where the actor was staying during the filming of the arm-wrestling film "Over the Top."

Stallone vehemently denies the allegation, a spokeswoman for Stallone calling the woman's claims "ridiculous."

"This is a ridiculous, categorically false story," spokeswoman Michelle Bega said in a statement. "No one was ever aware of this story until it was published today, including Mr. Stallone. At no time was Mr. Stallone ever contacted by authorities or anyone else regarding this matter."

As The Daily Wire previously reported, the girl told police that she met Stallone in the hotel's arcade. When she approached him the next day for an autograph, De Luca allegedly gave her the keys to a room on the 27th floor:

She then says she had sex with Stallone, who "encouraged De Luca to join them." The teen told police that she became "very uncomfortable" with the addition of the bodyguard, who, she claims, forced her to perform oral sex on him, then penetrated her as she performed oral sex on Stallone.

The Daily Mail reports that Stallone did not physically threaten the girl, but that she had "no choice" but to engage in the threesome.

According to the report, a Las Vegas Hilton employee eventually contacted Las Vegas police after one of the girl's friends approached the employee with the story, asking for advice to pass along to the teen. Las Vegas Police tracked the girl, who was staying at the hotel with a group of friends and family, and helped her file a police report.

The teen did not pursue charges, the Mail claims, because she felt "'humiliated and ashamed" and because she was "scared" of potential fallout; Stallone, she says, told her that both he and DeLuca were "married men," so she shouldn't reveal that they'd engaged in sexual intercourse.

De Luca was tragically shot dead by police in 2013 after he wrecked his vehicle and appeared to be aiming something at officers who arrived on the scene.


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