TAKE THAT, OBAMA: US Finally Wins Joint Bid For 2026 World Cup

On Wednesday, the United States, along with Canada and Mexico, won its bid for the 2026 World Cup. The so-called United Bid was only challenged by a rival bid from Morocco; the United Bid pledged to clear $11 billion in profit. The United States is uniquely qualified to hold the World Cup given its extensive infrastructure and bevy of game-ready stadiums. The field for the World Cup is expected to expand to 48 teams, with 80 games total, and with the United States hosting 60 of them.

The US Soccer Federation had tried to bring home the World Cup for 2022 during President Obama’s tenure, but had failed despite the president’s personal intervention, including meetings with then-FIFA head Sepp Blatter in 2009 and a taped message including both Obama and President Clinton in 2010.

President Trump has taken a different tack: in April, he blasted countries thinking about voting against the United Bid.

Hilariously, the anti-globalist Trump’s intervention was apparently more successful than Obama’s, despite FIFA’s chiding. Trump’s tweet prompted international experts to tut-tut that Trump could have blown the United Bid.

Not so much. It turns out that money talks.

So add another failure to Obama’s list of failures rectified in the post-Obama era.


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