Trump: 'Compromise Is Not a Dirty Word'

In an interview on CNN's "AC360" on Thursday, Donald Trump said "compromise" has gotten a bad rap.

"Compromise is not a dirty word, but we have to get a much better part of the compromise," said Trump when asked what he thought about working with the other side.

"It's not a dirty—I mean, we have people that will never be able to make deals," he continued. "You know, somebody’s heard, 'Oh, he'll make deals.' I'm going to make good deals."

As an example of how he would handle deal-making, he pointed to the Iran negotiations, which he said he would never have begun without first forcing Iran to let our prisoners go.

"I would have said, 'Fellas, you’ve got let our prisoners go.' They would have said no. I would have walked," said Trump. "I would have doubled up the sanctions, within 24 hours they would have let the prisoners go."

Though he argued that compromise was necessary to "get the deal done," he pushed back against perceptions of him as overly willing to work with Democrats, saying he was "not a huge compromiser."

Despite Trump's insistence that he will stand firm on his campaign platform, most people aren't buying it. In fact, recently Trump landed an unexpected semi-endorsement from former Democratic President Jimmy Carter, who said the reason he'd choose Trump over Ted Cruz is that the business mogul was "completely malleable" and held no "fixed" political positions.

This "malleable" perspective of Trump has many in the conservative base worried that his flip-flopping on key issues will only continue if he wins the White House. Here's the Our Principles PAC ad smacking Trump for his "malleability":


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