'New World Baby': Fashion Show Features First Ever 'Pregnant' Male Models

"We're prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy."

"We're prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy," Chinese fashion designer Xander Zhou said in the promotion of his latest line-up at London Men's Fashion Week.

Using a series of largely androgynous-looking males, the designer featured what appears to be the first ever "pregnant" male model, complete with a fake baby bump and a T-shirt declaring "New World Baby":

Below are some of the other Xander Zhou "new world" men, some of whom also appear to be sporting baby bumps:

Along with the biologically impossible pregnant male, Xander Zhou gave viewers a look at a freaky deaky six-armed man.

Responses to the "pregnant man" series, at least online, haven't been too hot. One user's comments to AFP's coverage summed up a lot of the reaction: "Men cannot get pregnant. You can sort that out in high school."


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