#BernieSandersFavoriteFilms Hashtag Is The Best Thing Ever Associated With Bernie Sanders

This wacky political season—on both sides of the aisle—has left many of us pulling out our hair in a state of panic and confusion, but we political junkies can at least find solace in one thing: fantastic election hashtags.

The Daily Wire’s Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro launched one of the greatest to hit this election cycle—other than #Trumpertantrum—with the #BernieSandersFavoriteFilms hashtag trending on Thursday evening.

As one may suspect, while goofing on a 74-year-old self-described socialist who is apparently dead-set against combs and seems the spitting image of Larry David, things got pretty hilarious.

Here are some of the top tweets:

Thanks for the laugh Bernie, it's been real.

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