New Series ‘American Woman’ Features An Abortion Because 'It’s Not A Good Time'


Paramount Network premiered a new show on Thursday, "American Woman," and not even in one episode did the show avoid pushing an insane pro-abortion message.

Starring Alicia Silverstone as Bonnie Nolan and set in the 1970s, the show centers on a woman going through a divorce after catching her husband in an affair. The episode, not aptly titled "Liberation," shows how the language of abortion changed during that era.

Prior to Bonnie Nolan's big discovery of her husband's extramarital exploits, she goes out to dinner with two friends, Margo and Paul. When Margo and Bonnie head to the bathroom, the conversation becomes all about Margo's secret pregnancy. Transcript provided:

Bonnie: How long have you two been married?

Margo: Two years.

Bonnie: And how far along are you?

Margo: Oh, my gosh, can you tell?

Bonnie: Lucky guess.

Margo: We don’t want anybody to know. Paul wants me to get rid of it.

Bonnie: Why?

Margo: He says it’s not a good time. And he’s right, you know. He’s just starting out in his career and he doesn’t want a family right now.

Bonnie: Well, what about what you want?

Margo: Well, I… I would like to have a baby. I’ve always wanted that. To be a mom. Anyway… it’s not about me. It’s about Paul. We have to support our husbands, right? Isn’t that what we do?

Bonnie: Yes, that’s what we do.

The show clearly intended to depict abortion as just another everyday decision between a married couple, like buying a car or a house. What's interesting is how they frame the issue around what the husband wants, which is to suggest that the abortion conversation has evolved into a "woman's choice" in the 21st century.

As noted by LifeNews, this great progress has culminated in scores of men having "no say in protecting their unborn children and women who argue that a baby would hinder their career."

The show does, however, hit on an important, unspoken truth: that many women who undergo abortions do so out of pressure from family members or feckless significant others.


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