MORE GOOD NEWS: Job Openings Exceed Number Of Unemployed by 352,000

A new report released on Tuesday gave wonderful news: job openings in the United States now exceed the total number of unemployed people.

The report, released by Haver Analytics, noted the data released by The Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that the total job openings rate during April was 4.3%, compared to 4.0% for April 2017. As Haver explained, “The job openings rate is the job openings level as a percent of total employment plus the job openings level.”

Additionally, the hiring rate rose to 3.8%, matching the highest level since October 2007. The job openings rate rose in professional & business services (5.7%), leisure & hospitality (5.5%) and education & health services (5.1%).

Total hiring increased 6.8% from 2017 to 2018; hiring in the private sector also increased 6.8% in the same time period. Hiring in the public sector increased 6.6%.


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