Videos are popping up all over the internet showing the reality of what life's like in Europe where the massive influx of asylum seekers has brought along its own difficult set of issues.

The video above was posted with the title, "Riot in a Syrian refugee centre in Germany."

Another YouTuber posts what its like in a German refugee camp after lunch time...

In this video taken in a refugee camp in France a camera crew was attacked. The video's description explains that photographer Teun Voeten and video artist Maaike Engels "were mugged by three refugees armed with pepper spray and a big knife" while shooting for an independent production titled "Calais: Welcome to the Jungle." Luckily, other migrants came over and helped the filmmakers before things turned deadly.

That same camp, Calais, was then burned to the ground by refugees screaming "F-- you!"

"Footage has emerged of the Calais Jungle looking like a scene from a dystopian movie: The camp is engulfed in flames while migrants let off fireworks and yell 'f--- you!'" the video description reads. "Migrants have refused French offers for proper 'refugee' shelters as it would ruin their chances to enter the UK, as it requires fingerprints and applying for asylum in France. In frustration, they have set their tents on fire, promising to cause further devastation on nearby factories and the highway. ...300 migrants also attacked police on the local highway in the early hours of this morning."

If you think the U.S. is safe from the threat of militant refugees, think again.

ABC News reported on January 8th that two Iraqi refugees, one in Texas and one in California were arrested on ISIS terror-related charges. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said the arrest, "may have prevented a catastrophic event."

News clip below...