Teacher Retires After Report That Students Performed Sex Acts Repeatedly In Classroom

A high school art teacher in South Carolina has decided it's time to step away from her profession of 24 years after the state's board of education found that two students had engaged in sex acts "multiple times" in the classroom while the teacher was present.

The teacher told the board that she was "shocked and dismayed" to learn that students had been carrying out a sexual relationship under her watch, which the administration condemned as "unprofessional conduct in failing to supervise students in her classroom."

The case against the teacher was prompted by a student reporting having witnessed two other students engaged in sexual acts while getting supplies in the back of the classroom, WSPA reports.

The State reports that the sexual activity, which reportedly occurred "multiple times," took place during "Power Hour," a period Byrnes High School sets aside for students to complete homework, receive tutoring, participate in various school organizations, or have lunch.

The teacher told officials that students were not left alone in her classroom, but admitted that it might have been possible for them to be engaged in the alleged activity behind a lab table which obstructed her view.

The Spartanburg County School District placed the teacher on administrative leave on December 8, 2017 after it learned of the students repeated sex acts in the back of her classroom. The South Carolina School Board of Education voted to suspend her educator certificate for one year starting in May, but said she could return after the suspension lapsed in May 2019 if she completed a course on professional boundaries and ethics.

Instead, the teacher opted for early retirement.


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