SELFIE GONE WRONG: Three Men Film Themselves Drowning To Death

In a tragic case of the ultimate selfie gone wrong, three young men in India who were poor swimmers set up a mobile phone to film themselves swimming in a deep pond. The camera then recorded them as they drowned.

As The Daily Mail, which obtained the video, reported, Chetan Khatik, 28, Sudarshan Chandel, 22, and Radheyshyam Khatik, 27, were taking a bike ride through Rajsamand city in Rajasthan, western India. While in the city, they decided to get into the deep pool at Gauri Dham Kund.

Setting up one of their mobile phones on the side of the pond, they started by splashing each other at the edge of the pond. But then one man jumped into the pond and started to struggle to stay afloat. The other two men jumped into the deep end in a effort to rescue him.

Within moments, the three men, all struggling to stay afloat, tried to climb on top of each other to stay above the surface. One by one they got submerged under the water, while the camera kept recording as the three-minute video was created.

When the men did not return to their families, the police were contacted. The police later found the bodies in the pond and the mobile phone at the edge of the pond. Police officer Rajender Godara identified the bodies; he said, “The victims were relatives and knew each other well.”

Ramesh Chandel, a friend of the men, added, "Chetan seems to have to gone towards the deep end of the pond and started drowning. Radhey Shyam and Sudarshan went to save him and lost their lives as well."


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