Coulter: Scorched Earth Humor On Muslim Immigration, Mexican Rapists, and Lindsey Graham

Introducing Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Milford, NH, Ann Coulter poked fun at a number of left-wing sacred cows. Targets of scorn included political pandering to Evangelical Christians, faux "rape culture," Muslim immigrants masquerading as "refugees," and Mexican rapists.

Touting Trump’s self-funding campaign

“Presidential candidates are supposed to suck off of money from billionaire donors. They’re not supposed to self-finance. How’s Trump gonna know what to do? He’ll have no billionaire bossing him around,” quipped Coulter.

Mocking political pandering to Evangelical Christians, Coulter described Trump’s courting of them as straightforward and honest.

“[A presidential candidate’s] pitch to the religious right isn’t supposed to be, ‘Yeah, I don’t go to church that much.’ And yet Trump is winning with Evangelical voters. It’s baffling!” said a sarcastic Coulter.

Addressing her primary political concern, Coulter ridiculed shameless pandering to the interests of illegal aliens and foreigners.

“Presidential candidates just aren’t supposed to act like they like Americans more than they like foreigners,” said Coulter, “It’s a very strange group Donald Trump is appealing to, this small niche of voters: the American people.”

Coulter then joked that Coulter won her over with an announcement of his presidential aspirations with “a speech talking about Mexican rapists.”

Continuing on the theme of national suicide through irresponsible immigration policies and demographic destruction, Coulter shared her perception of Trump’s priorities.

“When the director of immigration comes to President Trump and says, ‘since 9/11 we’ve admitted 1.5 million Muslims., 90% of whom immediately go on welfare, and some percentage of whom kill Americans in horrible terrorist attacks - should we keep admitting a million Muslim immigrants every ten years?”

“No!” responded the crowd.

“That’s exactly what President Trump is gonna say!” responded Coulter with amusement.

The comedy continued.

“And then when the director of immigration says, ‘Senator Marco Rubio has a bill that would bring in 33 million immigrants over the next ten years, or 25 New Hampshires. Should we keep replacing Americans with Somalis, Pakistanis, Hondurans, and Mexicans?” asked Coulter to a playful crowd.

“No!” responded the crowd.

“President Trump will say exactly that!” concluded a joyful Coulter.

Addressing the left’s ghost-hunting of “rape culture” in America while ignoring actual misogynistic pathologies among their favored, Coulter shifted her target.

“Now I’m not a high-priced political consultant, but I am pretty sure presidential candidates are never supposed to say anything about Mexican rapists. Duke lacrosse team rapists? Yes. Fraternity boy rapists? Yes . American rape culture? Yes. But Mexican rapists? No, no, no,” mocked Coulter.

With a gentle jab at Senator Lindsey Graham’s effeminate demeanor, Coulter added that a Trump presidency would excite her more “than Lindsey Graham in a fabric store.”

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