Kathy Griffin Kicks Off New Tour — And Its Name Is Just As Ridiculous As She Is

Though Kathy Griffin once apologized for her ISIS-inspired anti-Trump stunt in which she held a mock decapitated bloody head of the president, the alleged comedian is now using the despicable media ploy in her attempt to retain relevance and rake in some cash.

Griffin officially kicks off a new comedy tour stateside on June 14 in San Francisco, and the tour has been aptly re-named "Laugh Your Head Off."

Speaking to OUT Magazine, Griffin promised to be "more unfiltered" and to continue to "go low."

"I’m sorry, Michelle Obama," Griffin said, "I worship you, but when they go low, I’m going lower."

We wouldn't expect anything less, Kathy.

"It's very easy to weave my Trump stuff in with material about shallow celebrities because he is one," she said of her new material. "I know him personally. I don't know any other presidents."

Griffin's supposed "come back" tour comes after she was stripped of sponsorships and roundly condemned for what many saw as an egregiously over-the-top stunt.

"My lefty friends thought I ruined the resistance, while the alt-right said I was a member of ISIS," she recalled. "I thought this would be a scandal for two days. I didn’t realize how many people would buy into so many outrageous things."

After spitting out a clearly insincere apology for her antics, Griffin went on national television to incredulously play victim. "He broke me," she whined, referring to Trump. Last month, she again complained to ABC News about her alleged victimhood. Griffin stated, "What I didn't realize is I was just being thrown into, like, the Trump wood chipper. I didn't realize that day that they already had this apparatus in place. You know, how to coordinate with [Sean] Hannity and Fox News and how to coordinate with TMZ."

As for her potential crowds at this "Laugh Your Head Off" tour, we will all wait with bated breath. "I did one of my specials in Knoxville," she noted. "The big unanswered question is, all those audience members who came to see me for decades — will they always hate me now?" (Probably.)

"Do I need to be forgiven?" Griffin ends the interview.

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