A Feminist Did A ‘This Is America’ Remake And SJWs Hated It

"This is America, don't catch you climbing up"

Recently, "Atlanta" star Donald Glover/Childish Gambino released the new hip-hop single "This Is America" in which he waxed poetic, albeit satirically, about the American black experience according to SJWs.

The viral music video touched on several hot-button issues, from police brutality to gun control, earning the praise of leftists everywhere. Hoping to add some more woke factor to Donald Glover's work, feminist comedienne Nicole Arbour thought she could make a "feminist" remake of the video and not get slapped with the label cultural appropriation. She has now learned that all-too-sobering lesson the hard way.

"This is America, don't catch you climbing up," sings Arbour in a video that touches upon equal pay, #MeToo, and body image.

SJWs have blasted Arbour's reinterpretation of Glover's work, accusing it of whitewashing the black experience.

In response, Arbour publicly issued a defense of her work, saying she meant it as a tongue-in-cheek way of highlighting women's issues.

"It was created with every intention of bringing a light to women's experiences," she said in a lengthy statement. "It was a tongue in cheek way to give additional glory to what I believe is the most impactful piece of art in recent years."

"Due to the sensitive nature of the original, I understand why some people are wrongly portraying this as white vs black," she added. "Through this honesty, I believe we can discover a new level of empathy and understanding for each other."

Arbour finished by calling on others to "create their own version of this video." For that, see the "Call Me Maybe/This Is America" mashup.

This IS America, 2018:

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