Shapiro At 'National Review': Comedians Are Catching On

The comedians are beginning to catch on.

Over the weekend — just one week after featuring a bevy of top-line Hollywood stars impersonating members of the Trump administration, as well as a cameo by a vengeful Stormy Daniels asking for President Trump’s resignation — Saturday Night Live finally acknowledged that they may have gone overboard. Cast members of SNL showed up at the beginning of the Mother’s Day episode with their actual mothers, several of whom chided them on their myopic focus on Trump. Chris Redd’s mother said, “I don’t understand why everyone focuses on Trump when you should be focusing on Jesus.” Mikey Day’s mother likened the witch hunt in The Crucible to the witch hunt of Trump. Luke Nell’s mom exclaimed, “Enough with the Trump jokes!” She added, “Why doesn’t SNL talk about Crooked Hillary?!” Kyle Mooney’s mother and Colin Jost’s mother complained in similar fashion.

Well, yes.

Meanwhile, comedy pope Jimmy Kimmel appeared at the upfronts, where he explained, “I think people have had an ass-full of Donald Trump, and I feel like the upfront is a time to look within and make fun of ourselves.”

This is a problem for Republicans.

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