GOP Establishment Crushed In Iowa. See How Much They've Spent, So Far.

The so-called “Republican establishment” has been dealt a devastating blow in Iowa, likely a harbinger of party's ongoing nomination process. Senators Ted Cruz (27.7%), Marco Rubio (23.1%), Rand Paul (4.5%), as well as Donald Trump (24.3%) and Ben Carson (9.3%) have pulled in a total of 88.9% of voters.

Jeb Bush (2.8%), Governor John Kasich (1.9%), Mike Huckabee (1.8%), Chris Christie (1.8%), and Rick Santorum (1.0%) yielded a combined total of 9.3%.

Take a moment to let that sink in.

No matter where one falls on the question of the dominant Republican candidates, it is clear that the status quo candidates in the vein of Bob Dole, Senator John McCain, and Mitt Romney are out of serious consideration for the 2016 race.

The money poured into the political black hole of failure is equally startling.

Bush has raised a total of $155.6 million between his campaign and super PAC, already having spent a total of $89.1 million.

Chris Christie has raised $26.7 million between his campaign and PAC, already having spent $21.7 million.

John Kasich has raised $22.9 million between his campaign and PAC, already having spent $15.6 million.

These phenomena are not just true in Iowa, but across the nation. The most recent RealClearPolitics national poll average has Bush, Kasich, Huckabee, Christie, and Santorum pulling in a total of 12.8% support.

Conversely, Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Trump and Carson are pulling in a total of 75.6% support.

Expect the flow of money from wealth coastal donors to establishment-style Republicans to dry up as their campaign failures continue.

The top fundraiser of all? Hillary Clinton. The former first lady has raised $163.5 million between her campaign and super PAC, of which $90.2 million has already been spent.

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