Last week, The Daily Wire reported eight Palestinian Hamas terrorists were buried alive in a secret tunnel they constructed in order to attack Israel. The tunnel’s collapse was seemingly miraculous.

God wasn’t finished. On Friday, Palestinians celebrating the martyrdom of the Hamas fighters at a funeral procession fell onto a crowd of mourners after the roof they were standing on spontaneously collapsed. The second plague of God was caught on video.

“In video footage posted online by Watania News Agency, a number of people can be seen falling from the roof as it gives way, under the weight a group who were standing on the rooftop,” reports The Telegraph (UK). “Palestinian broadcaster Aqsa TV said that almost a quarter of a million people turned out for the march that set off from Omari Mosque in Gaza City.”

Is this a coincidence? Or is something supernatural at play? Another freak accident at a funeral mourning the death of terrorists who died from a freak accident seems awfully mysterious. Is some higher power protecting the sons and daughters of Israel?

Frankly, the poetic justice of a roof collapsing on brain-washed fanatics honoring barbaric terrorists should satisfy even the most skeptical of observers.

One YouTube commenter shrewdly noted:

dumbasses hanging out on what looks like a homemade back deck, falling on their asses, hurt and on the ground while those other shitheads put dead people in brand new ambulances..also, check out the jewelry store next to the illegal ass structure that collapsed..or the shops. these people are really ‘suffering’

Hamas causes the Palestinian people to suffer. They brainwash the youth, strap on suicide vests on three-year-old boys, and teach hatred in what passes as “schools” in Palestinian-occupied Gaza.

The sad truth is that one tunnel collapse or a single roof collapse isn’t going to stop the scourge of jihadist terrorism boiled in the cauldron of Hamas’ military wing. Although divine intervention occasionally helps

As the Holy Land, homeland of the Jews, and birthplace of Jesus Christ, Israel has prevailed over its terrorist enemies through what can only be described as unlikely circumstances. From 1948 on, the State of Israel has been severely outnumbered by its Arab foes, and yet, still managed to win decisive battles despite inauspicious odds.